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    How to Kill a Lawn and Start Again

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    Sometimes it seems like no matter how much attention you give to your grass, you’re faced with a disease-invested, dry wasteland. If you’ve been fighting a losing battle with your lawn, it could be time to start all over again. Killing your lawn and starting again can seem like a daunting task, and you might have to deal with several months without a proper lawn. However, you’ll be rewarded with luscious green grass before you know it!

    Unrolling grass turf rolls for a new lawn

    Killing Off Your Lawn

    The first step in growing a brand-new lawn is killing off your existing turf. Your local turf contractors can recommend a product to help you destroy your specific type of grass. The last thing you want is for all those old weeds to pop back up amongst your new lawn, so make sure you destroy absolutely everything. Make sure you rake everything up carefully to leave nothing but bare soil behind. Even dead weeds can leave behind seeds, so be thorough!

    Prepare Your Soil

    Before planting any new turf, it’s important to make sure you’re starting with a healthy foundation. Soil testing kits are available from your local garden centre or hardware store, and are a great way to know exactly what you’re working with. There are a range of products available designed to improve the health of your soil and prepare it for new grass.

    Pick Your Turf Type

    If you’ve struggled for years with a dry or sparse lawn, you may have been working with the wrong turf for your climate or soil type. There are hundreds of different types of grass out there, and choosing the right one can make all the difference. With great tolerance to both hot and cold conditions, Sapphire buffalo is a great choice for homeowners. For those looking for a low maintenance lawn, Santa Anna couch turf requires far less mowing and fertilising than most varieties. If you have pets or children that love to spend time outdoors, Santa Anna couch turf is a hard-wearing variety of grass that can stand up to heavy use.

    Caring for Your New Lawn

    As it grows in, your new lawn might require some extra attention. After turfing, your turf needs a healthy application of fertiliser, so make sure you use products that suit your lawn and soil type. In the early stages of growth, your lawn will require extra water to help it grow in evenly. To avoid damage while your grass is young, water frequently.

    Order Your New Turf Today

    If you’re considering killing your lawn and starting over, Hi Quality Turf are your experts! We can recommend the best grass types for your needs, as well as supply a great range of turf supplies. Get in contact today and call 1800887258 to get started!

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