Grand Prix Turf

Grand Prix is a high performance couch turf with superior wear and drought resistance. Its reduced seed head production decreases cutting frequency, and is a top selection for golfing tees and sports fields.

For improved wear resistance, high density and a substantial reduction in seed head production, Grand Prix offers advantages over other couch varieties that curators and turf managers from all sports should consider.

All in all, this fine, couch grass is holding its own against key turf varieties and now is getting very popular.



Turf Characteristics

  • Shade Tolerance: Up to 30%
  • Durability: High
  • Winter Colour: Good
  • Mowing Frequency: High
  • Leaf Size: Fine
  • Suitable Use: Sporting Fields, Parks Play Grounds


Frequent Answers & Questions for Turf Suppliers

  • What is the best turf variety for shade?

    Kings Pride Buffalo is the most shade tolerant Buffalo however other shade tolerant buffalo grass are also available

    In colder areas, Buffalo is more shade tolerant than Couch. In warmer climates, both buffalo and couch can be planted in full sun.

    Kings Pride Buffalo is a medium-textured, strong growing turf species with an upright growth habit. It is best suited to the cooler coastal regions of Australia where it has performed very well in some shaded and some full sun situations.

    Kings Pride can be established from sod, sprigs, or plugs and is the only Buffalo available as a pure sward (no dead leaf matter) which has been specially produced to ensure its dense fine leaf blade structure develops quickly after planting.

  • What is the best turf for drought tolerance?

    Village Green or most couch varieties are the best for drought tolerance. Village Green is the only couch suitable for full sun areas. It can be established in light shade or part shade if planted in a hot summer area. Village green tolerates low levels of nitrogen fertilizer, unlike other couch varieties.

  • Does Hi Quality Turf have a laying service?

    No. Hi Quality Turf only offers commercial laying services.

  • Does Hi Quality Turf have a ground preparation service?

    No. Hi Quality Turf does not offer/provide a ground preparation service. This is the responsibility of the home or property owner.

  • Can I pick up my turf?

    Yes. Pick up is available from our farm at Pitt Town.

  • How much water does my new lawn need?

    During the warmer months new turf will require 25mm of water daily until it is established (usually 10 – 14 days). Once the lawn has established it will need 25mm of water a week. Visit our lawn care page for more info.

  • How long will it take for my new lawn to establish?

    During the warmer months a newly laid lawn will take between 10 -14 days to establish. In the colder months newly laid lawn will take approximately 4 weeks. These times will vary depending on the variety of turf and climate.

  • What is the best time of year to lay new lawn?

    You can lay a new lawn any time of the year. Just keep in mind turf will take a little longer to establish in the colder months however will require more water in the warmer months.

  • How do I calculate how much turf I need?

    Accurate measurements are very important when it comes to laying new turf. Check out our How to Measure Your Turf page to find out how to measure your space effectively before purchasing any turf. Remember to always add 5-10% to your calculations for contingency! Don’t forget that Hi-Quality Turf is one of the top Sydney turf suppliers for you today.