Shipping & Return Policy

Returns and Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Cancellation of orders

a)     Orders can be cancelled up to 4 pm two working days before the day selected by a customer for delivery. Hi Quality Turf P/L can be contacted for this purpose by Phone on 02 4572 3666 or email,au If orders are cancelled in this way, the turf ordered will not be dispatched to the customer and Hi Quality Turf P/L will refund the customer for the order price paid in full, less an administration charge of 5%.

b)     If a customer wishes to cancel an order before the day and time agreed for delivery but with less than two working days’ notice, Hi Quality Turf P/L will try to prevent delivery of turf to the customer. A refund will be made to the customer but less any costs incurred by Hi Quality Turf P/L in trying to satisfy the customer’s order prior to cancellation.

c)     Turf received by the customer as ordered and in good condition can not be returned by the customer to Hi Quality Turf P/L for a refund. This is because the short “shelf life” of turf would make the product unsuitable for resale by Hi Quality Turf.


  1. Return of defective or damaged products

a)     If a customer receives turf which are not as ordered or are defective or in any way damaged, then the customer should contact Hi Quality Turf P/L to discuss return of goods, if appropriate, and to receive a refund or replacement. Hi Quality Turf P/L can be contacted for this purpose by phone 02 4572 3666 or email .Contact should be made within 12hours of receipt of turf.

b)    If turf received is not satisfactory, the company may not require the turf to be returned but will require a photograph to be provided to show the condition of the turf on receipt.