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Lawn Types in NSW

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The weather is NSW can sometimes be unpredictable. Depending on where you’re located, you could experience everything from blazing sun to torrential rain! Thankfully, there are many types of grass that thrive in all kinds of weather. Whether you’re looking to create a backyard lawn, sporting field or golf course, there is a grass variety to meet your needs. We’ve created this handy guide to the best grasses for lawns in NSW.

Various type of Artificial grass for background

Buffalo Grass: A Great All Rounder

Buffalo turf is one of the most common grasses in backyards across NSW. Buffalo has proven so popular among Australian homeowners due to its durability, shade tolerance and great green colour. There are a range of different varieties of buffalo grass on the market, so you can choose the turf to suit your specific needs. Some of our top picks are Palmetto buffalo grass, Sapphire buffalo and Kings Pride Buffalo. The NSW climate is often unpredictable, so it’s important to choose a variety that can handle all weather conditions.

Couch Grass: The Warm Weather Grass

NSW is known for its great warm weather all year round. However, not all types of grass are suited to the heat. Couch grass is ideal for those who live in warm sunny areas and can keep its colour all year round. It’s important to note that couch while can handle a small amount of shade, it requires full sunlight to truly thrive.

Kikuyu and Zoysia: Perfect for High Use Areas

If you have children or pets, you need to choose a grass than can hold up to heavy use. Some grasses simply can’t cope with the constant activity that kids and animals bring. Kikuyu grass recovers quickly from damage, making it an ideal choice for those with particularly active families. Kikuyu is also one of the easiest grass varieties to grow. Empire zoysia is another low maintenance turf that can handle heavy use. Empire zoysia also features a natural resistance to pests and disease.

How to Choose the Right Lawn for You

With so many varieties of grass available, it can seem impossible to make a choice. By asking yourself a few simple questions, you can come to a decision about the perfect lawn for you. Think about how your lawn will be used. Some grasses are better suited to family backyards, while others are ideal for sporting ovals or golf courses. Consider the weather in your area. Some turf types require full sunlight to thrive, while others are perfectly happy in the shade.

Choose the Right Lawn for You

If you need help choosing the best lawn for your needs, your local turf contractors are more than happy to help out. The team at Hi Quality Turf are experts in NSW lawn types, so contact us today and call 1800887258 for all the professional advice you need.

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