Sapphire® Buffalo Turf

Stenotaphrum Secundatum ‘B12′ PBR:

Sapphire Buffalo Turf is the only fine textured high performance soft leaf buffalo grass on the market. Sapphire turf is a hard wearing, easy to grow buffalo that requires little maintenance to keep it looking good.

Sapphire turf is the answer for those typical part shade / part sunny areas. It has fast growing stolons that grow quickly across the ground providing rapid recovery from damaged.

Sapphire turf has a tight mat and there is very little room for weeds to grow. Other benefits of this lawn are that it has reduced thatch; as a result it is less spongy then other buffalo turf varieties.

Drought tolerance is another feature of the Sapphire Buffalo. Once established the deep root system of Sapphire means it can look great with less frequent watering. It has an excellent hot weather tolerance and will thrive in a hot, humid climate.

Sapphire Buffalo turf is ideal for residential & commercial lawns. So soft, so fine, so beautiful.



Turf Characteristics

  • Shade Tolerance: Up to 70%
  • Durability: High
  • Winter Colour: Very Good
  • Mowing Frequency: Medium
  • Leaf Size: Medium
  • Suitable Use: Home Lawns, Parks, Schools