Natural turf grass is the environmental champion right under our feet. Artificial grasses contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the soil. Choosing all-natural grass when buying Sydney or Newcastle turf supplies stops this happening.


Natural turf grass around a lake in Sydney

Natural turf grass in your backyard garden

Natural grass in the outdoor woods


Other environmental benefits of natural turf include:


Cooling Your Yard

Did you know the average home lawn has a cooling effect equal to 9 tonnes of air conditioning? On a hot day Palmetto buffalo grass, for example, will be 8-10 degrees cooler than bare soil, 15-20 degree cooler than asphalt, and up to 40 degrees cooler than synthetic turfs!

As premier turf suppliers for Sydney, Woolongong, and Newcastle, Hi Quality Turf stocks a wide range of cooling grasses including Palmetto Buffalo grass, Kikuyu grass, and Empire Zoysia.


Filtering and Purifying Air and Water

Natural turf reduces pollution by acting as a natural filter and purifying the water passing through its root systems.

Turf grass also absorbs pollutants from the air, such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. Grass actually sequesters carbon more efficiently and flexibly than trees, producing more oxygen and continuing to do so at CO2 concentrations trees can’t handle. A typical 18-hole golf course produces enough oxygen for 4000 to 7 000 people.


Controlling Allergens

Another reason to use natural turf supplies for your Sydney lawn is to help control allergens that cause hayfever. Turf is great for allergy control, trapping pollen from plants as well as around 12 million tonnes of dust and dirt from the air, cleaning the atmosphere and helping you to breathe easier.


Reducing Erosion

A thick grass lawn is a cost effective way of reducing soil erosion by up to 95%. Natural turf fights erosion by protecting soil from heat, wind, and rain, and holding topsoil in place with thick root systems.

At Hi Quality Turf we provide turf supplied for Sydney and Newcastle that are ideal for fighting erosion, especially Empire Zoysia, and Palmetto and Sapphire buffalo grasses.


Enjoy Your Lawn

Choose premier Sydney turf suppliers Hi Quality Turf and discover the environmental benefits of natural turf for yourself. Call us on 1800 887 258 or enquire online to discuss your turf needs.