Tahoma 31® Couch Grass

Tahoma 31® is a durable, hard-wearing yet attractive-looking couch lawn. Boasting a soft fine dark-green-leaf, suitable for manicured home lawns, commercial and recreational landscapes, through to standout performance golf courses and high-wear sports turf scenarios.

Tahoma 31® is a purpose-bred hybrid Couch Turfgrass that has characteristics and benefits unsurpassed by any other commercially available variety. Including,

A soft & fine-leaf and a vibrant green colour and is a standout in appearance & street appeal.

Shade tolerance, performing well in full sun through to heavy dappled tree shade (up to 63% reduction in sunlight).

High drought tolerance means that Tahoma 31® requires infrequent watering to stay in good- to excellent-condition. Also, high salt-tolerance and high wear-tolerance.

Tahoma 31® requires less maintenance than other common or hybrid couches and can be mown with a rotary mower. It requires less maintenance needs including fertiliser, water & pesticides making for greatly reduces maintenance budgets for hard-to-maintain areas.


Tahoma 31 Couch Grass


Tahoma 31 Couch Grass Characteristics

  • Shade Tolerance: Up to 63%
  • Durability: High
  • Winter Colour: Very Good
  • Mowing Frequency: Low – Medium
  • Leaf Size: Fine
  • Suitable Use: Home Lawns, Manicured Lawns, Golf Courses, Commercial and Recreational Landscapes, High wear Sporting Fields



  • What is Tahoma Couch Grass (Tahoma 31)? 

    Tahoma Couch Grass, also known as Tahoma 31, is a hybrid Turf grass renowned for its durability, vibrant appearance, and adaptability. It features a soft fine dark-green leaf that makes it suitable for various applications, from home lawns to golf courses and sports turf. 

  • What are the key features of Tahoma 31 Couch Grass?

    Tahoma 31 boasts a soft and fine leaf texture and vibrant green colour, enhancing its visual appeal. It’s noteworthy for its shade tolerance, performing well in varying light conditions, from full sun to heavily dappled tree shade areas. 

  • How well does Tahoma 31 tolerate shade? 

    Tahoma 31 Couch Grass excels in shade tolerance, even thriving in areas with up to 63% reduced sunlight due to tree cover. This makes it an excellent choice for landscapes with varying levels of shade. 

  • Is Tahoma Couch Grass drought-tolerant? 

    Yes, Tahoma 31 exhibits high drought tolerance, meaning it can endure periods of reduced watering without compromising its condition. This attribute helps conserve water while maintaining an attractive lawn. 

  • What about its salt and wear tolerance? 

    Tahoma 31 showcases remarkable salt and wear tolerance, making it suitable for various environments, including coastal regions and high-wear sports turf areas. 

  • How does Tahoma 31 compare in terms of maintenance? 

    Tahoma Couch Grass requires less maintenance than other common or hybrid couch varieties. Its ability to thrive with infrequent watering, reduced fertilizer needs, and less pesticide dependence contributes to lower maintenance effort and budgets. 

  • Can Tahoma 31 be mowed easily? 

    Absolutely, Tahoma Couch Grass can be easily mowed using a rotary mower. This convenience adds to its appeal for both residential and commercial landscapes. 

  • What makes Tahoma Couch Grass stand out in appearance? 

    Tahoma 31’s soft fine dark-green leaf and vibrant green colour make it a standout in appearance and street appeal. It adds a touch of elegance to any landscape. 

  • Where can Tahoma Couch Grass be used? 

    Tahoma 31 is versatile and suitable for various settings, including manicured home lawns, commercial and recreational landscapes, golf courses, and areas with high-wear sports turf requirements.