Turf Supplies Windsor


Welcome to Hi Quality Turf, our business is the original lead in supplying exceptional pure grass. The family owns the business since established 1974.

Our team is dedicated to growing turf richly in different Australian conditions. Hi Quality Turf is located with a broad farm in Pitt Town Bottoms, Sydney.

Quality is not just in our name!

Our most efficient growing techniques stood the test of time for almost 50 years.

Growing turf like Kikuyu grass, Couch grass, Buffalo grass, and Zoysia grass is our pride. We help clients in making your lawn look carpeted with green.

Our company owns several hectares of rich organic soil to make sure we will never run out of supplies for you. We cater turf for residential lawns and backyards, parks and playgrounds, sports fields and schoolyards. We produce and maintain turf at the most affordable cost.

Hi Quality Turf always delivers six days a week. Our professional team will treat you with exceptional service every time you order. Farm pick up is also welcome if you want to visit our farm. Choose Sydney’s leading turf suppliers today!

We give commercial turf preparation and commercial turf laying. We will make sure to follow up and give expert advice on growing your turf free of charge. Call us anytime, and we will provide you with a step by step advice on how to improve your lawn. We service Sydney areas and other NSW locations such as Wollongong, Gosford, and more.