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Welcome to Hi Quality Turf, our business is the original lead in supplying exceptional pure grass. The family owns the business since established 1974.

Our team is dedicated to growing turf richly in different Australian conditions. Hi Quality Turf is located with a broad farm in Pitt Town Bottoms, Sydney.

Quality is not just in our name!

Our most efficient growing techniques stood the test of time for almost 50 years.

Growing turf like Kikuyu grass, Couch grass, Buffalo grass, and Zoysia grass is our pride. We help clients in making your lawn look carpeted with green.

Our company owns several hectares of rich organic soil to make sure we will never run out of supplies for you. We cater turf for residential lawns and backyards, parks and playgrounds, sports fields and schoolyards. We produce and maintain turf at the most affordable cost.

Hi Quality Turf always delivers six days a week. Our professional team will treat you with exceptional service every time you order. Farm pick up is also welcome if you want to visit our farm. Choose Sydney’s leading turf suppliers today!

We give commercial turf preparation and commercial turf laying. We will make sure to follow up and give expert advice on growing your turf free of charge. Call us anytime, and we will provide you with a step by step advice on how to improve your lawn.

What can you expect from Hi Quality Turf:

  • Superior quality turf every time
  • Excellent service and professional advice
  • A broad range of selection
  • Six days a week delivery
  • Onsite expert advise
  • In house turf display
  • Free follow up guidance
  • Fast turnaround

Having natural turf has plenty of benefits. It is natures champion gift for our climate.

The first reason to use natural turf for your Sydney lawn is to help filter dust and allergens that may cause hay fever. The grass is giving you clean and comfortable air to breathe.

Natural grass reduces pollution by clearing and purifying water that passes through its roots. Turf also combats air pollutants and produce clean air for us.

Did you know that buffalo grass, especially the Palmetto variety, has a cooling effect on your lawn like 9 tonnes of air conditioning? If you want a cold front yard or backyard, we are more than willing to supply for you. Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle, Hi Quality Turf stocks a wide range of cooling grasses including Palmetto Buffalo grass, Kikuyu grass, and Empire Zoysia.

Natural grass does not contain any chemical that artificial ones have that can seep to the soil. Give us a call, and we’ll harvest and deliver within 24-48 hours right at your doorstep.

Hi Quality Turf is ready to take your enquiries and provide you with all the turf supplies that you need.

Why choose the real thing:

  • Natural filter for air and water
  • Reduce pollution and allergens
  • Cooling effect on your Sydney lawns
  • Good for the environment

Go Green with Hi Quality Turf Supplies! Check out our turf display with a wide variety of all-natural turf. Call us on 1800 887 258 or enquire online to handle your turf needs.

We have Empire Zoysia, the only lawn grub resistant variety on the market and will not require any insecticide application.

With comparison to prices of artificial turf, cement and asphalt, the grass is most affordable to lay amongst all.

Even amid summer, Empire Zoysia or Conquest Couch is the best for drought tolerance.

Give us a call or visit and let us help you enjoy together with kids and pets a natural and beneficial lawn. Suitable for outdoor play, rest area, and fell the soft blades of natural grass.

Hi Quality Turf can make your dream velvet lawn a reality.

Get in Touch with Windsor Turf Supplies

Once you know what you need, contact Hi Quality Turf on 1800 887 258 or enquire online. We are superior Sydney turf suppliers – we deliver turf supplies to your door and provide expert advice on laying turf, caring for your lawn, and improving your soil.