Windsor Green Couch Turf

Windsor Green is a fine leafed semi-dwarfed couch. It is a Mid Green with a good winter colour when fertilized well. It is slower growing than other couches with an inconspicuous seed head.

Windsor Green tolerates medium wear and can take up to 30-40% shade, however it grows best in full sun which makes it ideal for Front Yards and Golfing Tees.



Turf Characteristics

  • Shade Tolerance: Up to 30%
  • Durability: Medium
  • Winter: Colour Good
  • Mowing Frequency: Medium
  • Leaf Size: Very Fine
  • Suitable Use: Parks, Golf Courses, High profile garden areas


  • What is Windsor Green Couch Turf? 

    Windsor Green Couch Turf is a type of grass known for its fine leaf texture and mid-green colour. It’s a semi-dwarf variety that offers good winter colour when properly fertilized. 

  • How does the colour of the Windsor Green Couch Turf change in winter? 

    With proper fertilization, Windsor Green Couch Turf retains a pleasing winter colour despite the colder weather. Its mid-green hue contributes to maintaining an attractive landscape year-round. 

  • Is Windsor Green Couch Turf slow growing? 

    Yes, Windsor Green Couch Turf is growing slower than other couch grass types. This characteristic can be advantageous for reducing maintenance requirements. 

  • What is the seed head of Windsor Green Couch Turf like? 

    Windsor Green Couch Turf has an inconspicuous seed head, making it less noticeable and reducing the need for frequent mowing. 

  • How well does Windsor Green Couch Turf tolerate wear? 

    Windsor Green Couch Turf can tolerate medium wear, making it suitable for lawns and areas with moderate foot traffic. 

  • Can Windsor Green Couch Turf thrive in shaded areas? 

    Windsor Green Couch Turf can tolerate up to 30-40% shade, making it adaptable to partially shaded environments. However, it performs best when grown in full sun. 

  • Where is Windsor Green Couch Turf most suitable to be planted? 

    Windsor Green Couch Turf is ideal for front yards and golfing trees because it prefers full sun. Its fine texture and mid-green colour contribute to a visually appealing landscape. 

  • What are the benefits of using Windsor Green Couch Turf on golfing tees? 

    Windsor Green Couch Turf’s slow growth, fine texture, and mid-green colour make it an excellent choice for golfing tees. Its ability to tolerate wear and maintain its appearance under moderate foot traffic is advantageous for high-use areas. 

  • How can I ensure the best growth for my Windsor Green Couch Turf?

    To promote optimal growth, ensure your Windsor Green Couch Turf receives adequate sunlight, regular fertilization (especially for maintaining winter colour), and proper watering practices. Following a recommended maintenance routine will help you achieve the best results.