Santa Ana Couch

Couch Grass

$0.00 per m2

  • Shade Tolerance Up to 30%
  • Durability High
  • Winter Colour Good
  • Mowing Frequency Medium
  • Leaf Size Very Fine
  • Suitable Golf Courses, Sporting Fields, Manicured Lawns

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Farm Fresh Turf. Ships within 1-3 Business Days. Free Shipping on all orders over 200/m2. Min purchase is 30/m2. Free Pickup at Pitt Towns Bottom, 2756.

Note: Our shipping zones are Sydney Metro, Woollonging and Central Coast. For all orders outside these areas please contact us on 1800 887 258 for a custom quote.

  • Turf Overview

    Santa Ana Couch Grass

    Santa Anna Couch is a very fine leafed couch and is deep green in colour. Santa couch can look superior to other couches if maintained well. Santa Anna looks best when mown low with a cylinder mower.

    Santa Ana Couch turf, also known as Santa Ana Bermuda grass, is a drought-tolerant turf variety that excels in arid conditions. Its exceptional ability to withstand water scarcity makes it an ideal choice for regions with limited rainfall.

    This grass thrives in full sun, displaying its vibrant green color even under intense sunlight. Its resilience and durability make it a popular choice for golf courses, where it endures heavy foot traffic and provides a lush playing surface. With its low water requirements and ability to thrive in sunny conditions, Santa Ana Couch turf offers a sustainable and visually appealing solution for landscapes, parks, and sports fields.


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    We deliver to Sydney, Wollongong and Central Coast NSW.
    Free Shipping* on all orders over 200/m2.
    Orders under 200/m2 are charged at a flat rate of $110.00

    Orders are usually shipped between 3-5 business days.
    For all urgent deliveries please contact us on 1800 887 258.

    For all orders outside these areas please contact us for a
    custom quote.

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