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    Turfing Small Areas of Your Home

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    When it comes to outdoor spaces, size doesn’t matter! There’s a lot you can do to transform even small spaces to create your own outdoor haven. Great quality turf supplies can be used to make a quaint rooftop garden, a walkway, and lots more. Choosing the right kind of turf is very important, especially for small areas and city gardens. Besides your budget, you will want to consider how much shade your outdoor area gets, how high or low maintenance your turf is, and how quickly it grows.

    Concrete walkway in the park

    What to Do with Your Small Outdoor Space

    Adding a bit of green to your outdoor space is a creative way of improving the value and aesthetics of your home. If you live in an apartment building, you could opt for a cosy rooftop garden. You can also make a walkway, or a beautiful mini garden that creates a balance between concrete, wood and grass.

    How to Pick the Right Turf

    Some turf varieties are better suited to small outdoor spaces than others. With so many different types of grass, it can be overwhelming to choose the right kind for your needs. Some things to take into consideration when choosing your turf supplies is shade tolerance, how much maintenance you can do yourself, and how invasive the turf is.

    Shade Tolerance

    For small outdoor spaces, it is recommended that you put down types of grass that have high shade tolerance. This means that, even if your outdoor space doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, it’ll still look like a lush green wonderland. Kings Pride Buffalo turf and Sapphire Buffalo turf have a high shade [sd7] tolerance and are perfect for this.

    Low Maintenance

    If you have a small outdoor space, chances are you want a space that looks appealing without much effort. When you’re designing your outdoor space or putting together your rooftop garden, pick types of grass that are low maintenance and require little lawn care. Palmetto Buffalo turf and Empire Zoysia have low to medium mowing frequency and are easier to maintain.

    Low Invasiveness

    Types of grass that have low invasiveness are much better suited to small outdoor spaces where small areas of green are surrounded by wood, concrete or tiling. Buffalo turf and Empire Zoysia both have low invasiveness, which means they will not invade your garden beds and will keep even your small outdoor spaces looking neat and tidy.

    Order Your Turf Today

    If you’re thinking of doing up your outdoor space, get in touch with Hi Quality Turf for your superior quality, environmentally friendly turf supplies! We offer different types of grass – Kings Pride Buffalo, Shade Master Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo, Palmetto Buffalo and Empire Zoysia – that are perfectly suited to small outdoor spaces. Whether you know what you want or need help picking the right turf, our friendly team is always ready to assist you. Give us a call on 1800887258.

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