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    Working with Hard and Dry Soil

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    Over time, the soil under your lawn can become compacted and hard. This is often caused by a number of reasons, including foot traffic, pets, dehydration, dry weather, and pressure. Tough and compacted soil does not soak up water, and can have a number of negative effects on your lawn. However, if you find the soil under your lawn becoming compacted, there are a number of ways you can work with and fix this as part of your regular lawn care routine.

    Cracked and very dry clay soil in closeup

    Is Your Soil Compacted?

    When soil becomes compacted, it can no longer absorb or hold water and nutrients. It also becomes difficult for the soil to provide oxygen to your lawn. When it comes to determining whether your soil is compacted, there are a few symptoms you can look out for.
    Check to see whether your lawn looks dry, old and distressed even though the soil beneath it is wet. Lawns with compacted soil will also be more prone to lawn diseases such as fusarium and red thread disease.
    A lawn with hard, compacted soil will also be lacking in worms. Worms absorb nutrients from the soil and also naturally aerate lawns. A lack of worms is a clear sign that the soil under your lawn is compacted and lacking in nutrients.
    Compacted soil will also have a drainage problem, and you will notice puddles of standing water accumulated on your lawn.

    How to Fix Compacted Soil

    There are a number of ways to fix hard, compacted soil and restore your lawn to its healthy state.
    Any turf contractor will tell you that one of the most important dos of turf grass is aerating your lawn regularly. Make sure to aerate your soil using turf supplies such as garden forks or coring machines. Once this is done, fill the holes with organic fertiliser and a wetting agent to replenish the moisture and nutrients in the soil. Lawn aeration should be done annually, and if you aren’t sure of how to do it to yourself, ask your expert turf contractors for advice.
    If your lawn has fallen victim to highly compacted soil, you will have to completely replace at least 10-20cms of the soil under your lawn. You can do this yourself with the right turf supplies or expert advice from your reliable and friendly turf contractors.
    Once you have fixed the compacted soil under your lawn, prevent the issue from reoccurring by maintaining the organic matter in your soil and regularly aerating the soil in your garden.
    Even before you lay down your brand-new turf lawn, make sure to pick the type of grass best suited to the soil in your garden.

    Quality Turf Care Supplies

    Whether you’re looking for high quality lawn care supplies, or need expert advice on fixing compacted soil, Hi Quality Turf is your answer. We offer a wide selection of superior quality turf supplies for all your lawn care needs. Our team of turf contractors has extensive knowledge, and is always ready to offer expert lawn care advice. Get in touch today and call 1800887258 to order your turf supplies or to get expert advice on fixing compacted soil.

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