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    Choosing Turf for High-Traffic Areas

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    We know everyone wants grassy areas that will look pristine all year round, no matter how much they are used. At Hi Quality Turf, we offer a number of different types of grass that is well suited to high-traffic areas such as walkways, playgrounds, sporting fields and hang out spots. When you’re choosing the right turf for your high-traffic area, whether it’s in a residential or commercial space, you will need to consider factors such as durability and the amount of maintenance required.

    Green grass or artificial turf walkway with the garden in the park

    Turf for High-Traffic Areas

    Most turf contractors will recommend using turf with high durability, low maintenance, a dense root system, less thatch and high pet resistance for high-traffic areas. Hi Quality Turf offers different types of grass, such as Kikuyu grass, Buffalo turf and Couch turf, that are well suited to high-traffic areas.

    Kikuyu Grass

    Kikuyu grass is not only one of our favourite turf types, but also one of the most hardy and budget friendly types of grass for high-traffic areas. Kikuyu grass has high durability and quick recovery rate, making it easy to maintain and resistant to high foot traffic. This turf variety is often used on golf courses, all types of sporting fields, as well as parks and playgrounds. Hi Quality Turf offers two types of Kikuyu grass – Village Green and Kikuyu Lawn.

    Buffalo Turf

    Buffalo turf is another turf variety that is hard-wearing, durable, and low maintenance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. This type of grass is well suited to parks, schools, sporting fields, and home lawns, especially if you have children and pets. Buffalo turf comes in a variety of options – Sapphire Buffalo, Palmetto Buffalo, Shade Master Buffalo, and Kings Pride Buffalo.

    Couch Turf

    Couch Turf, in particular, Grand Prix Couch, is a type of grass that is a popular option for high-traffic areas. This turf variety offers the perfect balance between a soft touch and toughness. Grand Prix Couch turf has a soft and fine leaf which is also broad enough to endure high foot traffic. This turf variety is often used for sporting ovals, golf courses and cricket wickets. Other varieties of Couch turf also suitable for high-traffic areas include Grand Prix Turf and Santa Anna Couch.

    Order Your High-Traffic Turf Today

    At Hi Quality Turf, you have a wide selection of superior quality, farm fresh turf to choose from for all your high-traffic areas. Whether you need turf supplies for your home lawn, public park, school, playground, sports field or golf course, you can count on us. If you’re having trouble deciding between the different turf varieties of Kikuyu grass, Buffalo turf and Couch turf, just ask our expert turf contractors for advice so you pick the best option.
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