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    Maintenance Tips for Your Brand-New Lawn

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    Now that you’ve got a lush new lawn, there are a few things you should do to make sure it thrives for many years. The first few months after a new lawn is installed are the most crucial to ensuring its longevity and quality. With advice from your trusted turf contractors, and a set of high-quality turf supplies, you can maintain your brand-new lawn with ease.

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    Watering Your Lawn

    Watering your new lawn regularly is one of the most important dos of turf care. New lawns get easily dehydrated, and especially in the first month after your lawn is laid, you will have to help it maintain constant moisture levels.
    When your lawn is first laid, give it an extra-long, deep watering where the water soaks through the turf and the top layer of soil.

    Even for types of grass that are low maintenance, give your lawn at least 25 millilitres of water every day for the first four weeks. Water and moisture help develop strong roots and encourage your lawn to establish itself.
    In the harsh summer months, it is recommended that you water your lawn early in the morning so that the water is absorbed before it evaporates.

    Fertilising Your Lawn

    Fertilising your lawn is crucial when your new lawn is first laid. Choose organic over chemical fertilisers to help maintain the organic matter in your new lawn. Look for fertilisers that contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which promote healthy growth, develop strong root structures and improve overall strength and disease resistance respectively.

    Mowing Your Lawn

    Be mindful of when and how you mow your new lawn. As expert turf contractors, we advise all our customers not to mow their lawns for the first month after it is laid. Even for types of grass with a high mowing frequency, such as Kikuyu grass and Couch turf, only mow after the first four weeks and make sure to cut only one-third of the length at a time.

    When you mow your lawn after that first month, only mow a quarter of the grass length so the lawn has a chance to grow and mature properly. Mowing your lawn or shortening the length of the grass too much can drain it of moisture and cause withering.

    Avoid mowing your lawn when the grass or soil is wet and soft. This can not only clog your mower and increase the risk of rust, but it is also extremely harmful to the grass and integrity of the soil.

    Protecting Your New Lawn

    Protect your new lawn from weeds, pets and overall foot traffic so it has a chance to properly establish itself without getting damaged. Use herbicides to get rid of weeds that might drain the soil of nutrients crucial to your lawn’s growth. Cordon off the area around your new lawn to prevent pets and people from walking on the lawn for the first few weeks.

    Get Expert Maintenance Tips & Supplies

    At Hi Quality Turf, we offer a wide variety of turf suppliesto help you maintain your brand-new lawn properly. If you need more information on caring for your new lawn, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert turf contractors and call 1800887258.

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