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    Four Reasons Why Buying Quality Turf is Worth It

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    As our name suggests, we’re big believers in the benefits of high quality turf. It can sometimes be tempting to go with cheaper, lower quality turf sourced from your local garden centre, however, we can assure you that investing in high quality grass is absolutely worth it in the long-run.

    If you want your lawn to look great for longer, and all the benefits that come with working with a quality grower, you’ve got to buy high quality turf.

    Why? We’ve put together four of the most important reasons below!

    Overall Aesthetic

    High quality turf looks better! It’s always worth investing in turf that makes your outdoor area look great. If you’re planning on laying turf out the front of your home, going for higher quality varieties will increase your overall street appeal so that your front yard is the talk of the neighbourhood!

    If you’re wanting a lawn that looks pristine all year round, especially in the case of manicured gardens and lawns, high quality turf is the way to go. The better the turf, the tidier and greener it will be.

    Durable and Long-Lasting

    Quality turf is more durable as it’s produced by experienced growers who use superior growing methods. Laying turf can be a decent-sized project, so you’ll want something that is strong and long-lasting.

    Going with lower quality turf can be risky as it’s not as hard-wearing. This means you’ll likely need to replace it sooner than you were intending. Re-laying turf due to inferior quality isn’t ideal, it can be more expensive in the long-run and it’s time-consuming. Start your turf-laying project the right way by using high quality grass.

    Quality Post-Purchase Advice

    When you buy turf from a quality grower, this is backed by post-purchase advice. By going down the high quality road, you’re not just buying grass, you’re buying a full service, complete with ongoing advice from experienced growers.

    This is especially handy if you have follow-up questions about caring for your lawn, what to expect as a result of different types of weather conditions and the best strategies for laying it.

    Consistent and professional post-purchase guidance is invaluable to the success of your new lawn, ensuring that your turf stays healthy and happy for years to come!

    High-Speed Delivery

    Timing is everything with turf. High quality turf is always cut to order and delivered within hours of being harvested. This means that your turf will be fresh when it arrives, which in turn, will help it establish more quickly.

    Once cut, turf stays fresh for about 24 hours, depending on temperature and weather conditions. This is why high-speed delivery is so valuable. When turf is delivered quickly and within an expected timeframe, it also makes it easier to plan when you’re going to lay it. Being ready and knowing when your turf is arriving means you don’t run the risk of needing to store it.

    The simple truth is, it’s always worth buying high quality turf! Settling for grass that’s sub-par will only hurt in the long-run. Not only are you getting a superior product that looks better and lasts longer, you’ll also have access to invaluable knowledge and service from your friendly turf growers.

    Looking to buy high quality turf? Get in touch with one of our expert turf growers today!

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