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    Six Ways To Spot Low Quality Turf

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    When you’re giving your yard a makeover by laying some new turf, the last thing you want to do is use low-quality product.

    Buying and laying low quality turf undermines the aesthetic of your outdoor space. It also defeats the purpose of investing in laying turf in the first place.

    Quality Turf

    It’s not always immediately apparent when turf is low quality, but once you know what signs to look for, it’s easy enough to pick. Here are a few tips to help you become an expert at spotting low quality turf!

    Price-Based Quality

    Cheap turf usually indicates poor quality – with turf (and many other things), you get what you pay for.

    While it may be cheaper in the short-term, low quality turf will not last the distance after you lay it. Liable to wearing away or going brown, budget turf will likely need to be replaced far sooner than you were expecting.

    Turf that has been carefully grown and well-looked after is not going to be available for a super cheap price. It will, however, be of superior quality and if properly looked after, will look great for a very long time.

    Dehydrated Turf

    Make sure the turf that you buy is not dry to the touch. If the turf that you’re looking at has grass blades that feel like straw, it’s not fresh and is suffering from dehydration.

    When turf is stored, rather than being freshly-cut, the turf will take on an unpleasant and coarse feel. Turf like this will need a lot of water to get hydrated again and come back to life (if it comes back at all!).

    Storing Turf in Direct Sunlight

    If you see turf being stored in direct sunlight, this is a red flag for low quality (and speaks to the limited experience of the turf supplier).

    Turf should not be stored in direct sunlight, as this damages the unlaid turf. High heat speeds up decomposition, leading to dehydration and discolouration.

    With a shelf-life of 24 hours, rolled-up turf was not made to sit out in the Australian summer sun. This is why freshly-cut turf, bought directly from a grower is the best way to ensure you get high quality turf for your yard.

    Long-Term Storage

    As an organic, living product, turf is not meant to go into long-term storage. Turf that has been rolled-up and stored for an extended period of time will begin to lose its colour and go off.

    This is a big no-no when it comes to turf. Steer clear of anything that has been sitting on display or in a storage shed, as you can almost guarantee that it’s not fresh.

    Depending on the temperature and the time of the year, the already short shelf-life of turf can be greatly affected. It is always best to purchase turf that is freshly-cut, rather than stored.

    Sold By 3rd Parties

    Turf that is sold at stores or garden centres has usually been harvested days prior and won’t be fresh – impacting quality.

    There are many added benefits of buying turf directly from the people who grow it, most notably, the fact that you can almost always ensure that it’s significantly higher in quality. Turf growers are more knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to their product, and have often been operating in the industry for many years.

    Even if high quality turf is purchased and sold by 3rd parties, it doesn’t stay this way for long. Turf quickly loses its freshness after being cut and stored, especially if it’s outside, on display.

    Certification of Authenticity

    Ask your supplier to provide a certificate of authenticity for any Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) turf that they sell. PBR refers to rights that are exclusively granted to the breeder of a new variety of turf, enabling them to have complete control over it being grown and sold.

    If suppliers are marketing PBR turf, they should be able (and willing!) to produce this certification to prove that their turf is genuine, and therefore, of a high quality. If not, they may be selling you a low-quality, imitation variety.

    Always keep your eyes peeled for any signs that the turf you’re buying is not as it seems. The golden rule is to always make sure that turf is cut fresh for you, by going directly to a grower.

    Here at Hi Quality Turf, we supply turf that we grow onsite, only cutting it after you order! If you have any questions about our turf varieties, our friendly consultants are always happy to help. Contact us today!

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