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    Case Study: New Residential Turf in the Hills District

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    Here at High Quality Turf with over 45 years of experience in the industry, we’re experts on all matters turf related. From having our very own turf farm to the best ongoing maintenance advice, we’re your one stop shop for all your turf needs.

    As part of our educational and development journey, we thought we’d share with you a recent case study that you may find useful if you’re facing a similar scenario.

    The Client

    As part of our professional service we discussed with the client to better understand their unique requirements. The client was in the process of a knock down rebuild construction. Their new home is significantly larger than the previous home and construction had been quite disruptive to the land.

    From an ongoing maintenance perspective, the client had a young family, and, like many of us, led a busy lifestyle. As such they needed a turf that was not only going to look great, but also had minimal maintenance requirements.

    Their Challenges with Turf

    Contour of Land Change

    The construction of the knock down rebuild was quite a disruptive process which resulted in the creation of an uneven surface. Not having an even surface with property retention underneath can seriously affect a turf’s ability to lay down roots and establish an even coat.

    Clay Soil Underground

    As part of the construction process the presence of underground clay was also discovered.
    This is typical of certain areas where the soil might look ok at the top, but if you dig a couple of centimetres down the presence of clay is evident. This issue needed to be addressed as it affected water retention and the growth space available for a turf to bed down roots.

    Required Shade Tolerant Turf

    The area your home covers will always have shade limitations dependent on existing structures and native flora. With the different time of the day, certain areas will get more shade than others.
    This client had multiple shady areas and as such required a shade tolerant turf to be able to cope with these varying conditions.

    Minimal Maintenance

    Finally with a growing family this client had limited time available for turf maintenance.
    We had to make sure that we selected a turf variety that was not only shade tolerant, but was also durable enough to be more self-sufficient in the Australian climate.

    Our Solution

    Careful consideration went into deciding the best approach for this client, after some research and applying our valuable expertise, we came up with the following solution.

    1. Firstly, we advised the client that a stable base of soil needed to be established and enough time needed to be given for the soil to be able to settle and become stabilised.

    2. Next, we added gypsum to break down the clay, gypsum is used to help break up clay and enhance calcium, which breaks up any excess sodium present in the soil.

    3. We then provided additional soil ensuring any uneven patches were filled out and then waited for approximately 2 weeks for the soil to settle properly (note time will vary depending on weather conditions, but 2 weeks is recommended).

    4. This was followed by adding a strong turf underlay to create an inviting base for the turf to be able to bed down.

    5. Finally, in order to meet the client’s shade tolerant and low maintenance requirements, we selected and laid Kings Pride Buffalo turf.

    Kings Pride Buffalo is a proven, resilient performer all year round. It is extremely shade tolerant, has excellent coverage and retains a very good density over the top of the soil even in shady conditions. It also delivers a softer, greener lawn all year round, and is resistant to pest and disease problems that a lot of other lawns can suffer from.

    The Results

    We can honestly say all the hard work paid off.
    • Laying a proper soil base and allowing the time for the soil to settle, created a solid foundation to work from.
    • Then by applying gypsum and a strong turf underlay, resulted in the establishment of a supportive environment for the grass to thrive.
    • Finally the selection of the Kings Pride Buffalo ticked all the client’s wish list boxes of shade tolerance and minimal maintenance.

    The client was very happy with the finished product, providing an ideal space for his kids to play, and is quite pleased with the minimal effort required to keep the lawn looking so great.

    We hope this case study has given you a bit more insight regarding the factors faced in a residential turf scenario.

    Here at Hi Quality Turf we have over 45 years’ experience in the turf industry. We’ll work with you closely to determine your unique turf needs and then come up with a solution that will have your backyard looking great all year round.

    If you have any further questions on all matters turf related, don’t hesitate to contact the experts here at Hi Quality Turf.

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