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    What Makes Sapphire Grass an Ideal Turf for Your Lawn

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    There are many qualities to look out for when selecting a top performing turf. If a luscious green colour, softness under foot, great wear and tear, and less maintenance are at the top of your list, then you can’t go past Sapphire Grass.

    Sapphire is an Australian bred fine leaf textured turf with a multitude of qualities that give it both a luxurious feel and an ability to withstand the tough Australian climate. It is truly a turf that will make your lawn stand out from the rest on the street.

    If you’re after expert advice on all matters Turf related, look no further than us here at Hi Quality Turf. We’ve been in the business for more than 45 years and have gained valuable expertise from seedling all the way to best practice lawn maintenance.

    We’ve composed this handy guide to tell you more about Sapphire Grass and how it can make the perfect addition to your home.

    Unbeatable Look and Softness

    Sapphire has truly amazing colour and softness that will make your lawn the envy of the street.

    It features a deep green colour which is maintained throughout winter, and has medium-broad leaves that are folded uniquely to give the appearance of a fine leaf. 

    Due to the fine folded leaf and dense growth, it’s renowned for being soft to touch especially underfoot.

    Low Allergenic

    If you’re a hay fever or allergy sufferer you know exactly how unpleasant it can be to be around certain grass varieties, there’s the sneezing, coughing, and there can even be skin irritations.

    Rest assured Sapphire is a low allergy grass, making it an ideal lawn for those with allergies. 

    What can cause allergies is the seed heads present in grass, Sapphire has been shown to have an average of 39% lower seed head compared to other grasses, allowing you to enjoy this lawn without the fear of allergies.

    Great Wear And Tear

    If you’re after a functional yet great looking lawn that can take the wear and tear from kids and pets, Sapphire is the grass for you.

    Sapphire is a durable and robust lawn with a good recovery rate. What makes it great for wear and tear, is that it has a strong root system and grows fast across the ground. 

    These properties enable it to quickly repair itself from damage and resume its original healthy state.

    As with any other grass variety, in extra high wear areas, it’s recommended that you fertilise and water more than normal.

    Shade Tolerant

    Sapphire is a tough resistant grass which performs well in a variety of environments. It performs well in full sun and has great shade tolerance.

    Sapphire has a 60% shade tolerance and can often grow in 70% shade. This means it can withstand 60% shade per day and needs at least 40% sun. It will function well in a spot that gets roughly 3-5 hours of full sun per day.

    Low Maintenance

    Sapphire Turf is a durable and robust lawn, ideal for families with children and pets. Generally, Sapphire is a mow and grow grass that requires little work. Once the turf has become established, infrequent and deep watering is preferred.

    Sapphire’s strong dense growth means it has a solid resistance to weeds. It leaves very little room for weeds to grow and is excellent at out competing weeds. When compared to other grass varieties, Sapphire also has great resistance to pests and fungi.

    If you want to make your lawn stand out from the rest on the street, you can’t go past Sapphire Grass. Sapphire is a fine leaf textured turf with a luscious green colour. This grass variety is shade tolerant, and requires less watering and mowing than most other turf varieties. It provides an ideal environment for families with pets and kids, as it features great wear and tear and is low allergenic.

    If you’re considering planting Sapphire on your lawn, look no further than Hi Quality Turf. 

    With over 45 years’ experience in the industry we can provide you with premium high quality Sapphire grass and guide you through the entire turf laying process.

    For any of your turf needs, why not contact us today.

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