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    How to Fix the Worn Areas of a Lawn

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    There may be times when car tracks, pet diggings increased foot traffic causes your lawn to get patchy. Fixing these worn areas is hassle-free, and with a few tips from your expert turf contractors, you can restore your lawn to its pristine state in no time.

    Grass lawn with bald patches

    What Creates Patches?

    Worn areas or patches on your lawn can due to many reasons. Some of the most common reasons of wear and tear on your lawn are increased foot traffic, pets, car tires, or heavy objects. Even types of grass that have high durability can sometimes get worn.

    If your pet has a favourite spot where it likes to take naps, or your family members have a particular path they like to walk on, this can cause patches to appear. Pet urine or droppings can also cause yellow patches on your lawn.

    If someone accidentally parks their car on a part of your lawn, those tire treads are likely going to cause some wear and tear. Even keeping heavy objects on the grass, especially for long periods of time, can cause that area to wear away.

    Fixing Patches on Your Lawn

    With the right turf supplies, fixing worn areas on your lawn is hassle-free and quick.

    You might be able to fix smaller, more minor worn areas by watering your lawn, adding a nutrient rich fertiliser or aerating your soil with a garden fork or coring machine.

    For bigger worn patches, you can either enlist the help of our professional team of turf contractors, or take care of it yourself with high quality turf supplies. First, drop by our store to pick up the type of grass already laid down on your lawn.  

    To repair larger worn areas on your lawn, make sure to first prepare the ground by clearing any debris, getting rid of weeds, and levelling the ground. Then, lay down your turf, and using sharp cutting tools, cut it to fit the size of the patch you’re covering. Lastly, give your newly laid turf a deep watering to strengthen its roots and encourage it to establish itself.

    If you ever feel lost or unsure while repairing a worn area on your lawn, you can always ask our expert turf contractors for assistance.

    Order Your Lawn & Turf Supplies

    The next time you’re thinking of replacing or repairing your lawn, get in touch with the friendly team at Hi Quality Turf. We offer a wide selection of turf supplies and different types of grass that are sure to suit your lawn repair needs. Our turf supplies are of superior quality and environmentally friendly. Whether your lawn is made from Buffalo turf, Kikuyu grass or Crouch turf, we can supply it to you. Call today on 1800887258.

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