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    Comparing Different Kinds of Buffalo Turf: Kings Pride, Palmetto, and Sapphire

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    If there’s one thing that turf farmers have done brilliantly, is marketing buffalo turf. In fact, every time homeowners think of laying out a new turf, what comes to their minds first are buffalo turf. These soft-leafed grasses have certainly attained the flavor of the month status with all the publicity it has been getting on television and radio. Then again, despite its publicity, the public does not know how these grasses differ and where they are best utilised.

    Turf farmers, for one, have been promoting buffalo grasses for its full-bodied texture and green, lush growth. What you might not know, is the fact that these grasses grow vibrantly, to the point that it will have a very thick thatch. As such, they said thatch needs to be cut and trimmed now and then. Should this part be left unattended for a long time, mowing it can become next to impossible, with the mower quickly sinking into its spongy, deep body. Aside from that, homeowners also do not know is that these buffaloes retain most of its stolon and leaves’ moisture. In summer, the surface level micro-climate can hasten the appearance of fungi, also quickly decimating your lawn.

    ground being raked and turf being laid

    To help you assess whether or not buffalo grasses are for you, here are its common types, along with its description and uses.

    King’s Pride

    This kind of buffalo turf is known for its fantastic winter colour. This means to say that this grass stands out the most under light winter frost. Aside from that, King’s pride is also best for under the shade because of its shade tolerant qualities. Though it still performs fantastic in the full sun. With this grass, you don’t have to worry about frequent watering as this is drought-tolerant. You also don’t have to worry about getting this grass damaged. It can recover very quickly despite the gravity of the damage. With such an attribute, King’s Pride is highly-suited in areas with high traffic. The only thing you have to worry about King’s Pride is the fast growth of its thatch. This means you have to mow it low now and then.


    This type of buffalo turf, on the other hand, is Australia’s best buffalo turf. Just like King’s Pride, it is also drought-resistant. It has exceeded other buffalo grasses in terms of being resistant to dry climate. In terms of colour, Palmetto is visibly lighter. In terms of thatch, you’ll be glad to hear that this kind has the lowest thatch growth levels. It slower growing compared to other buffalo varieties and does not require high maintenance to keep it in a pleasant condition. You have to know, however, that this type of turf does not perform great in areas with heavy traffic. The reason behind it is its naturally slower growth rate, making it ideal for front yards that are not too busy.

    You can also grow this grass whether in partial shade or full sun. During winter, the colour of this grass is its most pleasant. While other grasses turn yellow or brown, Palmetto turf keeps its vibrant colour.


    True to its name, Sapphire buffaloes are unique because of its fine texture. It is a low maintenance lawn which means you will spend lesser time tended to and mowing your buffalo grass-filled lawn. The charm of Sapphire buffaloes is its ability to keep its vibrant colour all year round. So, regardless if it’s summer or winter, you can see your Sapphire buffalos thriving in the shade. If you prefer fine-leafed buffaloes, then Sapphire buffalo is your best bet. Because of its beautiful leaf, that folds once it has matured and gives it a fine texture. Sapphire buffalo quickly became Australia’s most beautiful leaf buffalo turf.

    Now that you know the similarities, differences, and unique traits of these buffalo grasses, it’s time to choose the best one to make your lawn pleasing and thriving.

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