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    Natural Grass vs Synthetic Turf

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    Laying on a lush green lawn, feeling the cool blades of lawn in between your toes. Something a unnatural Synthetic surface just can’t offer. Both Natural Grass and Synthetic turf have their good and bad points, however this information is to inform you of the significant differences and the countless benefits natural grass offers over synthetic turf.

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    Enjoy natural lawn
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    Weeds growing through synthetic turf
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    Toxic rubber used in synthetic turf

    COST: to install and maintain Synthetic Turf is a lot more than it is to lay and establish Natural Grass.

    Damage caused by wear and pets chewing or scratching at the Synthetic Turf would be costly to fix or replace where Natural Grass will regenerate and grow to fill bare patches costing nothing or for bigger areas, Natural grass is easily excess able and can be DIY installed with minimal effort.

    Disposal cost for the removal and discarding of Artificial turf surface could also result costly, as well as the issue of adding to non-biodegradable landfill.

    HEALTH RISKS: Soils in a natural grass area contain helpful bacteria which naturally sanitize the surface by decomposition. Artificial turf lacks these significant natural cleanser, so sanitation of contaminants such as human fluids, algae and animal excrements are left to man-made cleaners.

    A synthetic turf will require chemical treatment to maintain a healthy germ-free safe area because over time the Artificial turf collects and traps harmful bacteria and unsanitary body fluids like sweet, blood, saliva and pet excrements opening the way for dangerous infections. Due to the bacteria build up in Synthetic turf skin infections are more likely.

    A Natural grass surface has the ability to yield an athlete’s impact where Synthetic Turf does not, increasing the likeliness of injury on joints and bones as well as a number of injuries including larger deeper skin abrasions, Turf toe, Ligament damage and concussions.

    A study done by a California High School found Football Players sustained higher rates of injury in a Synthetic field. While there were 13.8 injuries per 100sessions hours and only 8.4 per 100 session hours on Natural grass filed.

    Toxicity from rubber used in the sand/rubber infill can be very harmful to your health and the health of your family. After use and time Synthetic surfaces that have not been installed properly may spill out this rubber infill and result in direct contact with the skin, contact with these substances may cause things like allergic or toxic dermatitis.

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    As a Synthetic Turf surface will degrade with use, the materials used in the infill brakes down into smaller and smaller pieces. These tiny microfibers from the surface can be easily inhaled while the area is being used or maintained. This may lead to various very harmful health issues.

    ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS: of a well maintained natural grass lawn are endless.

    • Pollution absorption
    • Cooling effects
    • Sediment filtration
    • Rainwater entrapment, retention and ground water recharge
    • Soil building capacity
    • Oxygen generation
    • Soil erosion control

    SURFACE TEMPERATURE: comparisons vary a great deal when it comes to a natural grass area and a Synthetic one. The surface temperature of a Synthetic turf surface on a hot day can reach more than half again the air temperature. In order to be able to use the area watering is needed to cool the surface down.

    A case study completed by Brigham Young University USA found temperatures after water application on a Natural grass surface remained cool where as water application on Synthetic turf took the surface temperature form79oC down to 29oC but after five minutes the temperature rebounded to 49oC. After 20 minutes the temperature rose to 73oC.

    IN CONCLUSION: sure Synthetic turf can seem low maintenance at first look, but with research into turf grass species and new varieties hitting the market all the time boasting of low mow, hardwearing and drought tolerant features. Natural turf grass is only moving forward.

    Is getting out the lawn mower once every couple of weeks and spending a bit of time outdoors really that bad? It is a small price to pay of the quality of living that Natural grass offers.

    For more info visit: Turfgrass Producers International 

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