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    How to prepare your lawn for while you are away

    Category Turf Information

    Going away for Christmas?

    In the coming weeks most of us will be packing up the car and setting off for a well deserved break over the Christmas holidays.

    Here are a few tips to keep your lawn looking good while you are away and how to avoid coming home to an overgrown jungle lawn or a dried barren back yard.

    Meteorologists’ are currently predicting a damp December. This will be an advantage for you, as you won’t need to worry about long dry periods of heat that have the potential to severely damage your lawn especially those older varieties of lawns that don’t have the drought tolerance that the new varieties have.

    Other lawns also at risk of heat damage are new lawns that have been down for less than 12 months. These lawns are not fully established so too is its drought tolerance not being fully developed. Having your lawn mowed a little higher will help it retain moisture in the younger lawns.

    In the weeks leading up to your holiday remember not to over fertilize your turf as mowing is another predicament  you will need to consider. If you plan to be away for more than 10-14 days you should perhaps organising a friend or a mowing contractor to maintain your lawn for you.

    If you do come home to a overgrown lawn the best way to restore it is to mow your lawn a couple of times at various heights to prevent scalping your grass. Start with the highest  mowing height than work your way down slowly adjusting the mowing height accordingly. This is best done over a few days.

    In view of that, enjoy your break and keep in mind our holiday tips to keep your lawn looking good over this Christmas break

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