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    Key Benefits of Your Lawn

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    Lawns are more than just for looking good on your property. Maintaining a healthy, thick lawn provides a multitude of benefits you may not be aware of. From acting as natural air filters and cooling your home in the summer, to driving up your property’s resale value and lifting community spirits, lawns can make a big impact on their environment and your home.

    Here at Hi Quality Turf we know just how valuable lawns can be. Being in the industry for over 40 years we’ve seen the positive impact they can have and the difference they can make on people’s lives. We’ve composed this blog to delve a little deeper into the many benefits lawns can provide and how they might benefit your particular home’s requirements.

    Improve Air Quality and Reduce Noise Levels

    Lawns are a great way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while giving back oxygen. It’s estimated a healthy 25 square feet of lawn produces enough oxygen for one person for one day.

    A healthy lawn is not only a great place to spend time, but it also contributes towards cleaner air for all of us. Grasses actually act like sponges that trap dirt particles and other small airborne substances, trapping these particles helps to ensure they’re not blown around in the vicinity of your home.

    Lawns can also contribute to reducing noise pollution through their ability to act like a sound insulation panel. Generally, the presence of hard surfaces equates to many for sound to bounce off. Lawns provide a softer surface that absorbs ambient sounds in the area.

    Act As Natural Filters

    Lawns improve overall air quality by acting as natural filters and minimising a number of impurities from the atmosphere. They filter out miniscule particles of dirt and dust that would otherwise drift in the air and cause a hindrance. Less dust blowing around means a better environment for you, your family and friends. 

    Grass blades also play their part by trapping smoke and other air pollutants. If these irritants are left in the air, they can often cause problems such as irritated eyes and the onset of allergies.

    Increase a Home’s Resale Value

    A healthy, green lawn does more than just beautify your home; it also boosts your home’s value. 

    A well-maintained lawn can leave a lasting impression on visitors and is often a sought out factor from many potential buyers.

    In the property industry it’s commonly known that a well kept-lawn provides an increased return on investment and can increase the resale value of a home by 15% or more. This is a substantial financial benefit, providing a valuable point of difference in the property market.

    Attractive Addition to Any Property and Community

    A well-manicured lawn is an attractive addition to any property. Not only will it beautify your home and surroundings, but it will also make your neighbourhood more appealing.

    It’s been found that appealing landscapes have positive effects on people. A healthy well-maintained lawn provides an inviting view for those passing by and complements other landscape elements like flower beds or shrubs.

    Well-kept lawns also support neighbourhood interaction and strengthen the social connections within a community.

    Great Way to Cool Your Home in the Summertime

    Lawns play an important role in reducing air temperatures by providing shade and evaporation through evapotranspiration. This is the process of water evaporating off plants and can result in noticeable temperature reduction creating an overall cooler environment.

    It takes more energy to cool a building surrounded by concrete than it does one surrounded with grass. As such, the presence of a lawn will help keep your yard cooler, and ultimately help to reduce your home cooling costs.

    Even for outdoor activities, lawns provide cooler places for summer recreation than concrete surfaces, offering a safer environment to undertake any leisure activities. 

    Lawn Care Is Relatively Inexpensive and Easy

    We all dream about having that perfectly manicured lawn. There is however, the belief that the only way to achieve this is through following a complicated plan that involves spending a lot of money. While this intensive approach will get results, with some well-placed planning and minimal maintenance, you can still achieve a great-looking lawn.

    Remember to follow the below general tips of lawn care:

    • Water your lawn infrequently adjusting watering levels dependant on the season of the year
    • Regularly mow your lawn, and remember to not cut it too short
    • Get on top of any weeds before they become infested (use a herbicide if needed)
    • Feed your grass with a fertiliser two to three times a year

    If you’re after further more detailed information on residential lawn care, this can be found right here.

    Lawns provide areas of natural beauty that are critical to the environment and offer a multitude of benefits. They act as natural air filters, filtering out dirt and dust, thereby improving the overall air quality as well as reducing noise pollution in their vicinity.  For immediate benefits to your property, they increase a home’s resale value and are a great way to cool your home during summer. Whichever way you look at it, lawns will only have a positive long lasting impact on your home and community.

    We hope you’ve found this blog informative and it has given you a deeper understanding on the many benefits a lawn can provide. Should you require any further information regarding lawn varieties, suitability and ongoing maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact the experts here at Hi Quality Turf. We’re committed to providing our customers with ongoing support and advice whenever they need it.

    For any of your lawn needs, why not contact us today.

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