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    Enjoy your lawn with these Fun Summer Activities In Your Garden

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    Our lawns are the pride and joy of our properties. After a lot of hard work and toil, just in time for summer, they are looking lush and green, and ready for our family to enjoy.

    Now that summer is here, there is no better time to enjoy your beautiful lawn. Here at Hi Quality Turf, we are experts on all matters lawn related and we recognise the time and effort required to get a pristine looking lawn. To help you get the most out of summer, we have put together this handy list of activities to be enjoyed right in your very own backyard.


    Add a Water Fountain to Your Garden

    Water fountains are unique features that bring both sound and the visual impact of moving water to a garden. They come in a wide range of possibilities, from a gentle trickle of water to a more forceful flow. When it comes to aesthetics they do not need to be complex, and often the simplest of designs can bring the most impact.

    The sound of flowing water contributes greatly to the overall ambience in your backyard, with many people finding the sound relaxing and soothing, offering one of the best natural stress therapies. This is why water fountains, with their soft and gentle water sounds, are common fixtures in many Buddhist temples.


    Attract Native Birds and Insects

    The buzzing sounds of bees, the majestic flight of butterflies, and the goings on of native birdlife are amongst the many delights of having a healthy garden. Such a vibrant atmosphere can be created by providing a pollen rich environment for bees and other pollinators to do their best work in your backyard.

    We recommend talking to your local garden centre regarding any specific plant species relevant to your area, but it is generally recommended to use local native plants that flower at different times of the year, and plant flowers of different shapes and colours in clumps.

    Some common examples of Australian native plants include bottlebrushes, grevilleas, silky emu bush, and guinea flowers.


    Create A DIY Bird Feeder

    A great way of attracting more feathered friends into your garden is through the creation of a DIY Bird Feeder. This is a fun project where you do not need to go and buy a fancy birdhouse, but can build a wonderful creation with materials you might have otherwise thrown away or recycled.

    To create a bird feeder you can use plastic bottles, milk cartons, or scraps of wood, and the best part is that it’s a project for everyone, regardless of age or skill level, it’s a fun family activity to be enjoyed by all.

    Examples of DIY bird feeders include soda bottles, milk cartons, and tray bird feeders. Instructions on how to compose these are found in many arts and crafts pages on the Internet.


    Build a Fire Pit

    Summer nights are perfect for relaxing outdoors, but some evenings can be cool and breezy. An ideal way to warm up and keep enjoying the time outdoors is with a firepit in your garden.

    A fire pit provides a great gathering place and a comfortable zone to continue the night’s festivities. You can even make a great family tradition of weekly bonfires with the kids, where you can toast marshmallows and enjoy hot chocolate.


    Outdoor Furniture

    If you want to enjoy your patio or outdoor space in summer and beyond, make sure you have comfortable weather-resistant furniture. Furniture made from materials like powder-coated steel, teak, and polyresin wicker are built to withstand the elements and last through many seasons.

    Do not forget to make things extra cosy through some simple additions such as pillows, throws, and blankets that increase comfort levels and provide an inviting environment to be enjoyed by everyone.


    Solar lights

    Imagine looking out over your yard at night and seeing lovely lights shining across your property. An environmentally friendly and low maintenance source of lighting is solar powered lights.

    Solar powered lights are not only good for the planet but are also an effective way to create different moods in your yard. These types of lights are easy to install and do not require any intensive electrical skills. They offer great versatility and cost effective illumination. 

    Since solar lights are now available in a diverse range of styles, you can place them in strategic places to create beautiful illumination throughout your yard.

    When you think of summer, plenty of exciting things come to mind: backyard get-togethers, football games in the yard, quality time with family, with plenty of fun to be had. After spending countless hours making sure your lawn is looking fabulous, there’s no better time to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour.

    To create a comfortable environment to be enjoyed during the day and night, you can add comfortable weather-resistant furniture, install environmentally friendly solar lights, and build a fire pit for night time entertaining.

    To achieve an even more inviting atmosphere and get the whole family involved you could add a water fountain featuring relaxing and soothing sounds, plant flowers that attract native birds and insects, and even create a DIY bird feeder with the kids.


    We hope this blog has given you a little inspiration on the many activities to be enjoyed right in your very own backyard. Here at Hi Quality Turf we are committed to helping our customers maintain their pristine lawns all year round. Having our very own turf farm, we can provide advice from seedling all the way through to long-term maintenance requirements.

    For any of your lawn needs, why not contact us today.

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