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    Save Time, Buy Turf Online

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    A healthy, lush lawn is always high on the wish-list for home owners, but often gets pushed aside to be dealt with later and sometimes is neglected for far too long.

    A well maintained lawn not only looks fantastic, it improves the value of your home, acts as a fire barrier, is environmentally sustainable and is cheaper to install and manage than you might think.

    buy turf online in Australia

    A lot of people put off designing their garden because of a lack of time and not knowing where to start – but now you can plan and purchase your new lawn online just as easily as you can your groceries, movie tickets or a new wardrobe.

    Benefits of ordering turf online 

    Buying turf online saves you a heap of time and effort; there’s no need to waste money hiring a trailer or spend your weekend driving to and from your nearest turf farm.

    A quality online turf supplier will not only provide information to help you match the best variety for your specific conditions, but can assist with accurately measuring your lawn space and giving expert advice for preparation and follow-up care.

    Turf purchased online from a reputable company will only be harvested when it’s about to be shipped. It will be free of weeds and pests and will arrive at your door fresh and in the best possible condition, ready to lay.

    It’s easy to choose the right lawn variety online 

    It’s important to select wisely when planning your new lawn. While there are many different turf varieties available, suited to a range of climates and conditions, making the ideal choice is easy.

    You’ll already know how to answer the key questions about turf selection and all you need to do is match the right variety to your situation. For example, note how much sunlight the lawn will receive, whether any areas have partial or full shade throughout the day and take climate and average rainfall into consideration.

    Certain turf varieties are designed to cope well with partial shade, some are frost tolerant and others are lawn grub resistant.  You can use this handy turf varieties to decide which best suits your requirements.

    For example, if you live in North Queensland, a drought resistant Empire Zoysia would be a good option, but in Sydney King’s Pride Buffalo will be a better choice.

    Soil preparation

    Don’t click ‘buy’ before your soil has been properly prepared, as this will have an impact on how well your lawn establishes itself.

    Any weeds and old grass need to be removed, as you don’t want your new turf battling for nutrients and water, or struggling to take root in a compacted soil bed.

    The soil needs to be well turned and any big clumps should be broken down.  Add a layer of coarse sand and then a good quality topsoil, to give your turf the best possible foundation.

    Level the soil to drain away from your house and thoroughly mix in any conditioners or organic material you are adding.

    Your turf has arrived. Now what?

    Your turf will need to be laid onto damp soil as soon as it’s delivered – aim for the same day, so factor this in when placing your order.

    After 24 hours, the likelihood of the lawn establishing itself decreases rapidly and you might end up with unsightly dead patches.

    Remember, turf is a living organism and an investment in your property, so why take the risk?

    Once your turf has been laid, gently press it down with your feet or use a roller to remove any air pockets.

    Lightly cover with a sandy top soil or lawn mix (especially at the joins) and give your new lawn a good soaking. Water coverage of around 25mm is ideal. To measure, place an ice cream tub or similar container on the lawn to gauge your progress.

    Caring for your new lawn

    In the first few weeks your lawn will need to be fenced off to avoid damage and will need 25mm of water daily. It is also worth using a good all-round fertiliser to encourage the foundation and growth of your lawn. Once established, a weekly water of 25mm will be enough to maintain a healthy, lush lawn.

    Don’t mow your lawn for 4-6 weeks, to let it properly establish itself. For its first cut, don’t trim the grass too short – particularly in shaded areas.

    Clear all clippings away once you have cut the lawn, to keep it healthy and looking good.

    Ready to start your new garden project?

    Hi Quality Turf is a family-owned business that has been providing professional service and specialised advice in turf services for more than 35 years. We pride ourselves on our level of service provided to make residential and commercial clients find the best turf variety for their property.

    Since 1974, Hi Quality Turf has offered a wide range of popular residential and commercial turf varieties to homes and businesses such as Buffalo Grass, Couch Lawn, Empire Zoysia, Kings Pride Buffalo, Palmetto, Sapphire Turf and Kikuyu. We understand how important beautiful green grass is to your outdoor space, and we’re happy to provide you with great advice on which turf will suit your needs. We deliver turf supplies within Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Central Coast and many more.

    With obligation free quotes, a convenient online store and free follow up advice, you can call us on 1800 887 258 or send us an email for a quick quote. It’s easy to check general turf prices too, by entering your postcode here at the online shop.