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    What is the Best Turf For Sydney?

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    When you’re laying new turf in Sydney, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing the best possible turf for your location and needs.
    If you’re a Sydney-sider, you’ll know that our weather is unique in the way that it can shift drastically from day to day. This unpredictability means that choosing a turf variety that is tolerant enough to withstand these changes is integral.

    Selecting the best turf for Sydney doesn’t only come down to accounting for our weird and wonderful weather – the hustle and bustle of the lifestyle in Sydney also plays a part.
    Low-maintenance, high-quality turf is ideal for Sydney’s busy way of life. On top of this, with residential yards getting smaller and smaller, and often enduring a mixture of shade and direct sunlight, it’s always best to maximise your space by choosing durable, high-quality turf.
    To make choosing your turf a little easier, we’ve put together a shortlist of the four best types of turf to lay in Sydney. These turf varieties have unique properties that make them the most suitable for Sydney’s lifestyle and ever-changing weather.

    Kings Pride™ Buffalo

    Kings Pride™ Buffalo is the hardest-wearing and most shade-tolerant of all the buffalo turf varieties, maintaining its beautiful green colour all year round!
    Its durability makes it ideal for Sydney weather and lifestyle, and, it’s currently considered the #1 lawn on the market for high-shade areas, due to its ability to grow in adverse conditions.
    This turf is a great choice for home yards and lawns, as it’s well-suited to high-use areas. If you spend a lot of time in your yard (backyard cricket anyone?) but don’t have time to mow it very often, this is the right turf for you!

    Sapphire® Buffalo

    Sapphire® Buffalo is one of the softest buffalo turfs available, while still being incredibly shade and drought resistant. In fact, it is the only high-performing, fine-leafed buffalo on the market.
    While not quite as hard-wearing as Kings Pride™ Buffalo, Sapphire® Buffalo is a great ‘all-rounder’ turf variety. It is durable and low-maintenance with the added benefit of being gentle to the touch, due to its comparatively thinner, smaller leaves.
    Sapphire® Buffalo has a unique combination of durability and fine texture, making it great for home lawns in Sydney.

    Palmetto® Buffalo

    Palmetto® Buffalo is arguably one of the lowest-maintenance buffalos on the market, as its slower growing period means it requires over 10% less mowing than other buffalo turfs! This is perfect for our busy Sydney lifestyle.
    This turf is also well-known for retaining its spectacular, emerald green colour despite high-shade areas and difficult weather conditions that we often experience in Sydney. That means it looks great in the garden. Another reason Palmetto® Buffalo is an ideal choice for gardens is that it’s ‘non-invasive’, meaning this turf doesn’t edge into garden beds the way that some other grasses do.

    Shadetuff® Zoysia

    Shadetuff® Zoysia is not a buffalo turf like the other varieties listed above. This variety of turf is singular in that it is both shade-tolerant and fine-leafed, setting it apart from traditionally shade-tolerant, broad-leafed buffalos.
    If you’re looking for turf to display in the form of a manicured lawn or front yard, Shadetuff® Zoysia is an obvious choice. While a little less durable than some of the other varieties, this turf is a standout when it comes to its wonderful colour and aesthetic appeal. This is the reason Shadetuff® Zoysia is so popular when it comes to residential lawns – your front yard will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

    Whether you are looking to buy a hard wearing turf like Kings Pride™ Buffalo, a soft shade and drought tolerant turf like Sapphire® Buffalo, a low maintenance turf like Palmetto® Buffalo or a shade tolerant and fine-leafed turf like Shadetuff® Zoysia : Ultimately, the most important thing is sourcing it from a quality grower. This ensures that you’re receiving freshly cut quality turf!

    Buying your turf directly from a quality grower will give you peace of mind: knowing that you’re talking to the experts who will help choose the right turf for you!

    Thinking about laying some turf in Sydney? Have more questions about the right turf for a home or commercial yard? Call us on 1800887258 for a chat or arrange a visit to our farm to check out our turf – we’re always happy to help!

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