When we think of Turf most of us think of Buffalo Turf. So what is it?

Buffalo grass is a species of turf grass. There are many different varieties of Buffalo Turf on the market like Kings Pride Buffalo and Sapphire Buffalo. Most are soft leafed and possess quality traits that makes a beautiful Buffalo lawn.

Buffalo lawn varieties are the most popular selling turf grasses for the residential market. The reason for this are the excellent features a Buffalo lawn can offer for the everyday problems a suburban gardens face.


Features that most Buffalo Grass varieties will offer are:

  • Shade tolerance

  • Drought tolerance

  • Hard wearing and durability

  • Frost tolerance

  • Quick recovery

  • Low maintenance

  • Low mowing

While some Buffalo lawn varieties are better than others, you need to choose a Buffalo grass that is best suited to your type of area and the intended use of your area. Whether it be a highly used back yard that needs something durable yet soft for those sensitive little knees or it might be your weekender that requires a low maintenance low mow lawn.

Our feature Buffalo Lawn Grass varieties include:

If you like the sound of a new Buffalo grass lawn but you’re unsure of what type would best suite your home; contact us and we can help you make the right decision. Then you too can enjoy the quiet splendour and comfort a new Buffalo lawn offers to the areas we love to live and play.