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    The Benefits of Real Grass

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    When thinking about your yard and lawn, one thing that can come to mind is the turf. There are many different options for types of grass, and sometimes you can opt for no grass or faux turf instead of the real deal. But there’s just something really nice about good, old-fashioned, real grass. Let’s took at four of the benefits of having real stuff on your lawn.

    Green grass


    If You’ve Got a Green Thumb

    If you like to get down and dirty in the garden then you will really benefit from having real grass. A healthy, well-watered and maintained lawn helps to increase soil stability due to its deep-running and wide root structure. This underground network of roots helps to reduce soil degradation and erosion from wind and water. The soil is held together and will be better suited to grow what you want it to.

    It’s Good for the Planet

    Grasses contain chlorophyll, which, apart from giving plants their lovely shade of green, enables the process of photosynthesis – how they convert the sun’s energy into their own. The worldwide collective effort of every plant ever helps to maintain the entire planet’s atmospheric oxygen level. By planting, growing and maintaining a real turf lawn you are literally doing your small bit in helping to reduce the entire world’s carbon footprint! Plant some more things while you’re at it too!

    It Just Looks and Feels Good

    There’s absolutely no denying the aesthetic appeal of a well-maintained, neat and tidy lawn of real grass. It will literally sparkle, emerald-like, in your yard, causing the envy of your neighbours and passers-by. It also feels great underfoot, especially in the warmer months. You and the kids will love chilling out in the yard, with the feeling of soft and natural grass under your feet.

    It Will Last a Lifetime

    Provided that you water and maintain it, your lawn will last for as long as you live in your property. This can get tough in Australia’s climate, particularly in times of drought and the water restrictions that come with them – but with good care your lawn will stand the test of these times and continue to flourish and look great.

    It’s Healthy and Safe

    Artificial turfs can leak their chemicals into the topsoil, and it can also be dangerous to humans if there is long-term exposure. Natural grass has none of these health risks whatsoever, and its actually good for your yard, the environment and you!

    If you’re looking to understand the different turf varieties, visit us in Pitt Town Bottoms to view and feel the different varieties. To get an instant quote or buy online, visit our website now or call 1800 040 981. You can also see our full contact details.

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