Turf and Lawn Services

At Hi Quality Turf, we offer a variety of turf and lawn services for all your requirements.  With premium varieties and a range of services, we cater to residential and commercial jobs, and turf contractors.

We have 3 divisions working together with one objective. That is to provide you with:

A superior quality product

  • Reliable service and professionalism and;
  • Fast turnarounds

Growing Quality Varieties

We offer more than 10 different varieties of turf and lawn surfaces that are grown on location at our farm in Pitt Town.

From the ever-popular buffalo range we have the Kings Pride, Palmetto and Sapphire Buffalo grasses. We also provide Empire Zoysia, various Coach varieties including Conquest Couch, and Kikuyu. All varieties are available for purchase at our convenient online shop.

Convenient Delivery and Commercial Services

We supply and deliver our turf throughout Sydney and its surrounds, including Newcastle, the Wollongong region and as far west as Orange. We have fast turnaround with only 24 -48 hours usually required for delivery.

For commercial jobs and turf contractors, we have a range of additional services. Take advantage of our convenient solutions, including:

  • Field Preparation
  • Turf Laying in 1m2 Rolls
  • Turf Laying in Maxi Rolls 12 – 20 m2
  • Mulch Spreading
  • Field Leveling
  • Washed Turf
  • Blecavating
  • Field Top Making
  • Line Planting

We are a family owned and operated Australian business that is known for its quality work and prompt reliable service. We have 40 years of experience – that’s what makes the difference.

Contact us today to learn more about any of our services. Call 1800 040 981.