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    Small City Garden Tips

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    Living deep in Australian cities like Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney can often mean that you sacrifice size for location. Smaller houses, smaller rooms and smaller yards can be offset by the fact that you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle and comings and goings of a major city. It’s an exciting, vibrant and happening location but if you’ve still got a touch of the green thumb you’ll still want to get out and get dirty and planting.

    small model of garden and skyscrapers in a woman's hands So let’s look at some ways to create an amazing small garden in the city. You don’t need much yard space for a little bit of grass, some potted plants and flowers and you can also take advantage of unusual spaces too! Let’s begin with…

    Laying a Little Turf

    Even if you have limited yard space, laying a small amount of turf is a great way to get your garden green quickly. The type of turf you choose will depend on your lifestyle and exactly what you want in your lawn, but having it laid will mean that you don’t have to sow seed and water it until it grows. Instead, you can have a lawn right away, giving you plenty of time to try the rest of these ideas!

    Pot Plants

    If your garden is limited by the space available then potted plants are a great way to get it vibrant, alive and thriving without needing to dig and plant. You can buy already healthy and established plants from a nursery and arrange them in tasteful and beautiful ways to best highlight the rest of your garden. Choose ferns for a tropical look, or maybe you could have a planter box full of edibles to add to your dinner parties – a great way to both eat and to entertain.

    Think Outside the Square

    If you’re limited by space due to living in the city but still want a colourful and alive garden, then think about some unusual spots to place your plants. Can you create a frame against a wall to hang some pot pants? Is a hanging garden more suited to your space? Maybe your window-sills can become living jungles – this way you’ll also remember to water your plants every time you open the window for some fresh air!

    Fun Features!

    Try to find something small and eye-catching to act as a feature point for your inner city garden. You could be old fashioned and go with a statue water fountain, or you could consider a colourful mosaic or an artistic wall with some street or stencil art on it. Your imagination is the limit for this one, so think about what will best light up your garden!

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