Shade Master Buffalo Turf

Shade Master soft leaf buffalo is a low maintenance, broad but soft leaf buffalo grass which tolerates up to 60% – 70% shade during the day. It is bright green in colour and soft to the touch.

During winter the Shade Master soft leafed buffalo grass will take on a purple tinge on the tip of the leaf, however this will disappear once the warmer weather comes around.

Shade Master is an affordability buffalo grass making it a popular choice . It can handle a high amount of wear & recovers well from damage. This soft leafed buffalo grass does not have the drought tolerance like other newer varieties but never the less it is still an old favourite.

Shade Master buffalo grass grows thick and its thigh matt prevents weeds coming through. Like other soft leaf buffalo grasses Shade Master has stolons that grow on top of the ground which makes it non- invasive and ideal alongside garden beds.


Turf Characteristics

  • Shade Tolerance Up to 50%
  • Durability Medium
  • Winter Colour Poor
  • Mowing Frequency Medium
  • Leaf Size Large
  • Home Lawns, Road Sides, Amenity Areas