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    Leading Turf Supplier to St. George and its Surrounding Suburbs

    Are you looking to lay turf in your new home or Business or, perhaps renew an old weed filled lawn. Here at Hi-Quality Turf we can help. Whether it is a large or small area that you want covered, we have a range of superior quality turfs available at affordable prices to meet your needs and local weather conditions. We are open 6 days a week and you are welcome to visit our farm in Pitt Town where our friendly staff can assist you with choosing the right turf.

    Don’t need to visit the farm? You can contact us to talk to one of our highly experienced staff who can assist you remotely. Having chosen your preferred turf, check out our “How To Measure For Turf” guide.

    Our quality turf varieties include:

    Shadetuff® Zoysia

    This is best for recreation and amenity areas, front yards, home lawns, and manicured lawns because of its soft feel and high-endurance.


    If you’re aiming for a perfect, top-performing lawn, Kikuya turf breed is for you. You won’t have a hard time tending this turf because it only needs minimal maintenance and grooming.

    Village GreenTM Kikuyu

    The good thing about this turf is it can tolerate less than ideal environmental conditions. Even if you don’t tend to your lawn every day, this turf variety will surely thrive. 

    Grand Prix

    If you’re planning to make a golf course or sports field lush and aesthetically pleasant, go for this variety. This variety will also survive even if there’s a lot of pressure from the external environment.

    Greenlees Park Couch

    Like other turf varieties, this can survive even in less than ideal conditions. Their only difference is that this particular variety can survive even with 10 to 20% shade.

    Santa Ana Couch

    If you and your family love to spend time playing and bonding on your lawn, this should be your turf of choice. Even if you have no time to maintain it, it will indeed thrive.

    Windsor Green Couch

    This medium tear-tolerant, semi-dwarfed turf is best for front yards and community recreational areas. When fertilised well, this turf will show its amazing winter colour.

    Kings PrideTM Buffalo

    This high-performing winter-coloured turf will even grow in high and low shade areas. This also grows well in the wild, so it can also withstand even the harshest condition.

    Palmetto® Buffalo

    If you’re looking for a drought-tolerant turf with an amazing winter colour, go for this breed.

    Sapphire® Buffalo

    This fine-textured turf may look fragile and soft, but it’s actually the most hard-wearing and high-performing breed in the market. With or without shade, this will surely grow well.

    EmpireTM Zoysia

    This turf variety will thrive even in areas with clayish or sandy soil. If you live in the coastal area, you won’t have a hard time growing this turf, too. 

    Hi-Quality Turf – Leading Supplier of Turf to the Greater Sydney Area, Central Coast and Wollongong Regions