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    Leading Turf Supplier to Liverpool and its Surrounding Suburbs

    Are you looking to lay turf in your new home or Business or, perhaps renew an old weed filled lawn. Here at Hi-Quality Turf we can help. Whether it is a large or small area that you want covered, we have a range of superior quality turfs available at affordable prices to meet your needs and local weather conditions. We are open 6 days a week and you are welcome to visit our farm in Pitt Town where our friendly staff can assist you with choosing the right turf.

    Don’t need to visit the farm? You can contact us to talk to one of our highly experienced staff who can assist you remotely. Having chosen your preferred turf, check out our “How To Measure For Turf” guide.

    Our quality turf varieties include:

    Kings PrideTM Buffalo

    This turf features 85% shade tolerance, medium durability, low mowing frequency, and excellent winter colour. You will surely enjoy your home more with this easy to manage turf.

    Greenlees Park Couch

    If you love winter-coloured turf with semi-dwarf and medium-size leaves, this is for you. This can tolerate up to 20% of shade, making it ideal for parks, drains, and roadsides.

    Santa Ana Couch

    This variety has 30% shade tolerance, making it best for landscaped gardens, golf tees, and parks. If kept and groomed well, you will surely enjoy this turf’s superior-looking look that’s better than other couch varieties.

    Palmetto® Buffalo

    Beautifying your amenity areas would be easy with this shade-tolerant buffalo turf. Because it has low mowing frequency, it can grow well even if you’re too busy to take care of it.

    Sapphire® Buffalo

    This turf variety is best for recreational areas like parks and yards because of its high durability and fascinating winter colour.

    EmpireTM Zoysia

    This turf breed will only need minimal attention. It will surely grow even if you’re too busy to mow it. Your pets and kids will be happy to be running and playing in a backyard or lawn with this turf variety.

    Shadetuff® Zoysia

    This unique turf variety is a must-have because it’s the lone fine-leaf variety in the market. Its fine texture makes it ideal for families who love to bond in their yard, lawn, and garden.


    Kikuyu Lawn is a vigorous growing warm season lawn. It can handle a high amount of wear and recovers quickly from damage, making it suitable for highly used areas.

    Village GreenTM Kikuyu

    You don’t have to worry whether it’s rainy or dry — this turf will grow anytime and anywhere!
    It can also tolerate neglect, heat, and cold very well.

    Grand Prix

    The selling point of this turf is its capacity to endure the drought-like environment. It will also require less cutting because of its lessened seed head production.

    Windsor Green Couch

    You need to fertilise this turf breed well for it to show its amazing winter colour. This may be a little bit tedious to groom, but it will all be worth it when you see its vibrant colours!

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